" E  S  P  A  C  I  F  I  C  2000 "
Pages of creations,  testimonie, and activity programme for 2000
On this page the first creations of children on the themes of the conference
Until summer 2000, creations will be put in these pages in the form of html site,
then a part of it will be transformed in 3D-virtual museum,
which will be integrated in a show Exhibition-Multimedia, also including
some reality. We will use numerous technologies for the Internet part and
for the live exhibition during the conference. Everything is not yet
translated into English. If you want to know all, go to the French site. Sorry!

Have a good trip

International Movement "Educators for Peace and Understanding of Moscou

Teachers for  peace French Midi-Pyreneees
In their actions and collaborations, “ESPACIFIC” chose: International walk to protest against children abuses.
The Kogis Indians of Colombia       School for the peace between Jewish and Palestinian Arabs

Let us play it fraternal, or programme of the Teaching League.

Exhibition "Young people moving for Peace"
under the sponsorship of the UNESCO Club and the Peace Movement Carrières sous Poissy
The hands of hope in Romans

“The hands for the hope” Afous Project

Links towards big international projects

Link towards "The Patchwork of Peace" organized by the town Ivry-sur-Seine:
gather in this new century men and women in the whole world around a common
work for justice and peace, after an original idea from Guy Torrente.

A 1600m2 solar sail telepiloted, put into orbit.
A unique, revolutionary communication concept.

Link towards the wall for peace 2000
In Paris, place "Champs-de-Mars" greets this monumental masterpiece from
Clara Hatter, installed by Jean-Michel Wilmotte. You can participate in it with a message associated with an image..

LIFE LINK SWEDEN :Campaign:"Youth Caring and Sharing Peace Campaign at Schools Worldwide
                                                             Year 2000 and 2000+ "


Soon in this page...
MALAKOFF . Guernica project for kids, with the "Cite des Sciences et des Techniques".

Creation of a 3D-virtual museum in Internet, with the team of Espacific. In this museum you will find :
- the newspaper realized by children of the primary school (8years old) "Les clefs de l'actualite"
(Keys of news) about the giraffe-woman in Burma and the Burmese refugee camps in Thailand,
- the work on "the difference" by children of the nursury school
(5 years old) who present a text, and drawings after the series "Monsieur X"-"Madame Y"

THE HIROSHIMA -NAGASAKI INSTITUT : exchanges, relays and testimony on
projects with Japan, on the nuclear danger. Artistic projects on memory

SECONDARY SCHOOL BLAISE PASCAL, Viarmes (95) : "Tomorrow and Afterwards?"
with Francis Combes (author), Roger Fourmes (scientist) and the team of Espacific.