In the context of year 2000 proclamed by ONU
« International Year for the Culture of Peace »
the International Association of Educators for Peace
organize the
6 th World Conference of Educators for Peace
July 8.-13. 2000
National Institut for Youth
and Popular Education

Preparation of the conference    : CENTRAL THEME


1. Historical of the National, Regional
    and International   Conferences

2. The Conference in Paris, 2000
Contacts have been engaged in order to obtain :

a) the sponsorship of the :

 Ministry of National Education, Research and Technology
 Ministry of Culture
 Ministry of Youth and Sport

b) a Honorary Committee composed of personnalities representative of the
solidarity actions of the former conferences :

 Nelson Mandela
 Yasser Arafat
 Shimon Perez
 Rigoberta Manchu

c) a Support Committee gathering French personnalities and personnalities from America,
Latin America, Asia, Australia, Canada and Europe.

 Central theme
For the development of the culture of peace, for a world juster and with more solidarity.

Solidarity project

Related with the current events, it will be presented later.

Round tables

1. The school, place of life, in democracy and in security ; place of training of citizenship and responsability, from local to planetary.

2. The culture of peace and the international solidarity. Act for peace and disarmament, the rights of peoples and minorities.
The role of states, of citizens, of associations, of international institutions.

3. The education for peace, the necessary component of the development of culture for peace.

4. The human rights and the social rights in the world today :
the right for the human being to peace and justice.


UNESCO, room II, Saturday 8. July 2000
morning : registration, reception of participants
afternoon : 15h, opening of theconference
  proposals : personnalities
           video on the theme "five continents,five educators ’’
          18h, return to Marly-le-Roi.

  from Sunday 9. July to Wednesday 12. July 2000
  from 9h30 to 18h : study of a theme, followed by the related workshops. Afterwards,    report about the workshops  and the debates in the plenary session. A time is scheduled   for meetings between the delegations.

  thursday 13. July
  morning : closing session of the conference

  friday 14. July
  A programme of the activities which will take place in Paris will be presented.
 Related activities

They all have been discussed and studied with representatives of the UNESCO,
of associations or authors of activities.

Concert by the Philharmonic orchestra of Rennes, at the UNESCO, at La Villette?

Popular dance organized, in Paris’square, by the pacifist movements (Mouvement de la Paix, Appel  des Cents, Pax Christi, etc), july 13,


 1. Implementation  of two or  three service centers allowing exchanges, in particular for the  preparation of the conference
 2. installation of a market of the information during the conference, with Microsoft
 3. Claude Yvans, musician- ideas man presents "a new form of spectacle and  communication, project of collaboration between schools or sites already on the Web in order  to give them the opportunity to testify on the themes of the conference". These exchanges could  start in September 1999 and continue during the conference.